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"AirComfort XJ-3800A-1"

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Multi-stage cleaning system with air quality control.
  • Filtration and purification of air through 8 degrees of purification
  • Automatic operation and air quality check
  • Three built-in sensors: dust, allergens and odor (smoke)
  • Plasma (electrostatic) air purification technology
  • Sterilization and antiseptic effect with UV lamp
  • Generation of negative ions
  • Five performance tuning modes
  • Photocatalytic air purification system
  • High quality HEPA filter with active carbon layer
  • Air purification from suspended particles in the air up to 99.97%
  • Effective removal of dust, odors, allergens and tobacco smoke
  • Sensors for timely cleaning or replacement of main filters
  • Efficient filtration of macro particles from 0.1 to 0.03 microns
  • Built-in timer
  • Remote control

AirComfort XJ-3800A-1


The air purifier has five different performance levels. To select the required level of cleaning performance, it is necessary to take into account the air quality (degree of contamination) or the area of ​​​​the room. Each subsequent press of the FLOW button on the device display or on the remote control will switch performance modes:   


AirComfort XJ-3800A-1

Odor indicator (ODOR)
The odor indicator will illuminate whenever the sensor detects an odor (such as tobacco smoke).
Dust (DUST) and Allergen (ALLERGEN)
indicators The dust and allergen indicators will illuminate whenever dust or other irritants are detected by the air quality sensors.
Visual monitoring of air quality.
Whenever odors, dust or irritants are detected, the display will show the contamination level.


AirComfort XJ-3800A-1

Photocatalytic purification - harmful impurities contained in the air are decomposed into harmless components using a special substance - a catalyst - under the influence of soft ultraviolet radiation.
A high-performance HEPA filter provides the final cleaning step in a multi-stage filtration system. Retain dust, allergens, bacteria. Cleaning efficiency - 0.3 micron - 80% / 1-3 micron - 99.97%


AirComfort XJ-3800A-1

Plasma (electrostatic) cleaning - neutralizes tobacco smoke, aerosols, fumes, oil mist, fine dust particles.
Active carbon (coal) filter - absorbs (absorbs) harmful gases, designed to remove unpleasant odors and gas impurities.

Active carbon filter A carbon or carbon filter is essential for the absorption of harmful substances and unpleasant odors,
thus achieving a high degree of air freshness.


AIC XJ-3800A-1 User Manual (PDF Format) 


Rated voltage:: Europe AC230V/50Hz
USA/Japan AC100-120V/50-60Hz
Power consumption: 80W
Performance neg. ions:: > 2x106/cm2
Active oxygen concentration:: < 0.05 mg/ m3
UV spectrum:: >20 mw/cm2 ( at a distance of 10cm)
Degree of purification: 0.3 micron - 80% / 1 micron - 99.97%
Noise level (dB): Night20 / Low 35 / Mid 45 / High 52
Air exchange performance: MAX 360 m 3 / hour
Service area: ˜ up to 50 m2
Recommended area: 40m2 _
Dimensions: 343x255x610mm
Net weight: The weight:

Supplier: "AIR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law


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