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«AirComfort XJ-902»

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Distinctive characteristics of the AirComfort XJ-902

The air purifier uses advanced ion atomization technology and is completely silent as it does not have an electric motor. As a result of the silent and continuous operation of the purifier, active oxygen and negative ions are produced, which neutralize and break down unpleasant odors and create clean and fresh air in the room.
Under the air cleaner are two metal dust collectors. Airborne contaminants (viruses, pollen, dust, tobacco smoke, etc.) adhere to these dust collectors, forming a clearly visible layer of dirt within a few days. XJ-902 does not require replacement of the filter or other filter materials, hence its cost-effectiveness.
The original annular design of the outlet of the purifier contributes to efficient air exchange in the room. The purifier is lightweight and portable, can be placed anywhere or hung on the wall, separated from the stand, it takes up almost no space.
Works both from the adapter and from 6 D-type batteries.
There are several modes of operation of the cleaner, designated as HI and LO. In HI mode, the air purifier runs continuously, in LO mode it works with automatic cycle change (30 seconds of continuous operation, then a pause of 3 minutes).
When the switch is set to the LO position and the BURST button is pressed, the purifier runs continuously for 4 minutes, then enters the automatic cycle change mode.

Under the air cleaner are two metal dust collectors. Airborne pollutants adhere to these dust collectors, forming a clearly visible layer of dirt and dust within a few days. The result of the work is clearly visible.

If the dust container becomes dirty, they can simply be rinsed with water and wiped dry with a clean cloth before reuse. XJ-902 does not require the replacement of expensive filter materials, hence the economy and practicality in use.

The AirComfort XJ-902 air purifier is designed for use in rooms up to 15 square meters, i.е. in bedrooms, offices and washrooms. When mounting on the wall, be sure to check the reliability of fastening, fasten the cleaner only through a special cutout for the mounting screw on the rear wall of the cleaner.


Energy consumption 1W, 4 AA batteries
Rated supply voltage 12 V DC current
Ionization area 15 m2
Ion output 1x10 6 / cm 3
Microparticle removal rate 0.05 micron
Dimensions 220x150x60 mm
Weight 530 gr.

Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.


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