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«AirComfort XJ-205»

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Uses the latest ionic wind technology
Power plug is located directly on the body, easy to handle
Electrostatic dust collection system, easy to clean
Silent design, no mechanical drive Keeps the
air clean and fresh
Saves energy, power consumption 1.5W

Air Comfort XJ-205Compact device with low power consumption (1.5 W). Built-in LED, with a long lifespan, can provide lighting for a small area.

Air Comfort XJ-205An additional socket at the bottom of the device allows you to connect other devices to the mains. Simply plug an electrical appliance into the socket at the bottom of the air purifier and the appliances will work simultaneously.
Air Comfort XJ-205Made of stainless steel, the electrostatic dust collector absorbs airborne dust particles. To clean the dust extractor, simply remove it from the appliance and wipe off the adhering dust with a damp cloth.
Air Comfort XJ-205Thanks to the built-in power plug, the device is located close to the wall, without taking up space on the floor or on a shelf.


Rated supply voltage 230V/50HZ AC
Power consumption 1.5W
Formation of negative ions 1x10 5 /cm3
Active oxygen concentration <0.04 mg/m3
Dimensions 210x72x104 (mm)
The weight 256 g

Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.


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