Product code A00022

«AirComfort XJ-888»

56.90 EUR

The device is intended for use in living rooms, offices, bedrooms, offices, canteens and other indoor areas.

Features of the device:
Smoke and the smell of smoking not only quickly pollute the air in the room, but irritate people in the room, cause headaches, oxygen starvation and dizziness. The XJ-888 Ion Smoke Smoke Removal Air Purifier generates enough negative ions to remove smoke and odor from the room, creating and maintaining a fresh air atmosphere in the room.
The purifier is equipped with a hemispherical lampshade and a dust collector, it can effectively capture harmful microparticles (up to 0.001mm in size) of smoke and smoke smell, and can reduce the likelihood of a variety of diseases caused by smoking smoke.
The purifier has no mechanical moving parts, operates completely silently and consumes only 1 W for 24 hours of operation.
Works both from the adapter, and from 4 AA batteries.


Energy consumption 1W, 4 AA batteries
Rated supply voltage 12 V DC current
Ionization area Up to 10 m2
Ion output 1x10 6 / cm3
Microparticle removal rate 0.001 micron
Dimensions 185x145x98 mm
Weight 350 gr.

Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.


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