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«AirComfort XJ 800»

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Car air cleaner with an anion generator, using the principle of "ionic wind", instantly produces negative oxygen ions beneficial for human health and constantly fills the interior of your car with clean and fresh air.

AirComfort XJ-800 AirComfort XJ-800

Features of the device:
Plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket using a fused DC power cord.
Purifies the air around you.
Contains flavoring agent in granules. You will be surrounded by a pleasant, soothing aroma. The amount of flavoring agent can be replenished.
Does not use chemicals.
Provides silent circulation of pure and fresh air.
Has Velcro fasteners ("Velcro") for quick and easy attachment anywhere.
Easily placed on the dashboard of the car.


Unscrew the granule container at the back and fill it with your favorite fragrance.
Keep the fragrance granules out of the reach of children.

AirComfort XJ-800
AirComfort XJ-800
AirComfort XJ-800
AirComfort XJ-800
tobacco smoke


Model XJ-800
Rated supply voltage =12 V
Power consumption 3 W
Ion output >=1x10 5 /cm3
Active oxygen output <0.04%
Dimensions 140x90x50 (mm)
Weight 180 gr.

Supplier: "AiR COMFORT" Italy
Warranty service 1 year The
product is certified in accordance with international law.


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