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Applicators and Massagers Lyapko

The applicator created on the basis of Chinese traditional medicine by Doctor N.G. Lyapko meets many of the requirements. Assuming as a basis a method of acting with a bunch of needles (mei-hua-jen), Doctor suggested using needles made of various metals, which function as microelements and play an important part in the processes of interchange in the organism (iron, copper, zinc, nickel, silver), locating them on the rubber base. It contributed to the enhancement and diversification of the actions on the skin layer: immediate mechanic action with purposefully sharpened needles which exclude the skin damage; electrical action with micro-currents that appear between the needles because of difference in potentials; galvanic diffusion of microelements; electric fields of low intensity.

Simplicity of the application, the minimum risk of involving complications and high efficiency enable to use applicators in case of a number of pathological conditions. Various forms and dimensions as well as diverse ways of fixation make it possible to dose out the action on the skin, up to many hours of stimulation.

The above mentioned simplicity and safety of the method enable to widely recommend its self-dependent application by patients at home (only 7% of patients have an access to acupuncturist) to eliminate pains in case of chronic diseases, for enhancement of adaptive functions of the body, prophylaxis of diseases, which makes it possible to exclude medicines or to reduce their doses. Many years’ experience of the use of applicators in neurological clinic has proved high efficiency of the method in case of neurological syndromes of osteochondrosis, emotional disorders, diverse vegetative algic syndromes and asthenia conditions.

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Code: P00217
Applicator Universal Time (pitch 4.3 mm needles, 3-segment)
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Code: P00218
Massager Pharaoh-M Magnet
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Code: P00219
Facial Roller (3.5mm pitch needles; D = 51 mm, w = 40 mm)
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Code: P00220
Roller Large (step needle 5.0 mm; D = 63 mm, w = 105 mm)

With rubber bushings. Quantity of needles: 570; Diameter: 61 mm (2.402 in); Width: 111 mm (4.37 in); Step: 5,0 mm (0.197 in).

This massage roller has the biggest step as well as the largest work surface, which enables to work on large parts of the body quickly. It is recommended for patients with big body-built and weight.

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Code: P00221
FLAD Quadro 6,2 Ag , size:118 x 471 mm
"Quadro" is universal applicator and it can be applied on any zones instead of two "Double" applicators. Step of needles 6,2 mm, size 118x471 mm, quantity of needles: 1780. Silver needles are applied.

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Code: P00222

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Code: P00224

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Code: P00230

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Code: P00231

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Code: P00232
Applicator "Flower-M" 5,0 Ag

Diameter: 310 mm (12.205 in); Step: 5,0 mm (0.197 in), quantity of needles is 2106.

Lyapko Flower-M Applicator is a universal, multifunctional applicator. Its design features are unusual shape, big area of stimulation, `flexible petals` which can be easily shaped to any body area. Moreover, you can divide Lyapko Flower-M Applicator according to the existed lines in order to get different segments. These segments can be used for applications to different hard–to-get body areas.

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Code: P00233

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Code: P00234

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Code: P00242
Applicator "Rug Big" 7,0 Ag
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Code: P00243

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Code: P00246

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Code: P00251

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Code: P00252

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Code: P00253

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Code: P00254

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Code: P00255

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Code: P00256

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